Photos from NYC

Despite getting stuck in horrendous traffic, my trip to and from NYC went off without a hitch. In between the tears, we did get in a few laughs. Once again, Phebus brings us together to celebrate the small moments. Here are a few images from my brief trip.

Me with Kundiman founders Joseph Legaspi and Sarah Gambito.


So glad you had a safe trip. I thought about you driving in the wind and the rain...The purple NYU flag looked so familiar. Did I tell you my oldest son graduated from NYU? I love NYC!

Thanks for the pictures. You look great!
PS Is Joseph Legaspi Filipino?
January said…
Thanks Pepek. New York City is just a great place to live--so much energy and great poetry there.
The weather turned messy today. The last two days were beautiful.

And yes, Joseph and Sarah are both Filipino.
Yes, I thought Sarah was, too. She looks a lot like my daughter-in-law.

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