Saying Goodbye

Don’t think these little ironies have been lost on me. It’s Friday the 13th, and in a few short hours I will be driving to NYC to say hello to my best friend and goodbye to another. And I’m saying goodbye to a poet in National Poetry Month, a month that meant something to both of us.

Thought I would be able to sit at my desk at work for a few hours before hitting the road, but I underestimated how hard it would be. Trying to fight off tears until I hit the road. Maybe because in my head I’ve planned out how my day would go. Now the day is in motion, it’s a build up to the ultimate conclusion of saying goodbye to P-Diddy.

Thanks, everyone, for the support this past week. I’ll post my NaPoWriMo poems but probably not comment during the next few days.

(Joseph and I always called Phebus “P-Diddy” in e-mail, but I don’t think she knew we did that.)


bostonerin said…
Drive safely and go with love.
Bug said…
I hope the weekend is as healing as it can be. (FYI, I'm also driving to NY this weekend... If you need a ride by any chance, let me know!)
GreenishLady said…
I haven't been by all week, and missed the news about your friends's death. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope there will be comfort in the funeral ceremony for you and for all her loved ones.
It will be good to celebrate Phebus with friends. I wish I could be there too.
I'm sorry, January. It's so hard to lose people we love. She was a beautiful and greatly talented woman!

Maybe she'll get to meet Kurt Vonnegut, who wrote in Slaughterhouse 5: "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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