Top 100 Mom Blog Awards

How cool is this? The kind folks over at have included my blog in their list of top 100 mom blogs! They think my blog is "of exceptional quality." (I'm sure I was chosen BEFORE I started NaPoWriMo ... Yikes!)

But seriously, my thanks to, and special thanks to all the moms in the blogosphere, or "momosphere," for doing what you do on a regular basis.

Woo hoo!


wendy said…
congrats...and my self centered response..over at my blog..

really do deserve it!
January said…
Don't know how they found me, but since I never win anything, I'm thrilled. Too bad I can't make a speech ... I'd like to thank the Academy ...!

Will be over to comment in a few minutes.
Claire said…
Kamsin said…
bostonerin said…
See? More proof that you're the coolest mom out there.

my backyard said…

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