Guerrilla Poetry Thursday

Happy Poetry Thursday!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a bit NaPoWriMo-ed OUT! It's been a while since I just posted something because I wanted to, not because I felt like I had to.

So this poetry prompt came at a terrific time. It's Founder's Day on campus, a day that we, the campus community, honor the college's founder. (I won't mention the college's name but you can probably figure it out from the photos.) The poem I chose was a new one--seems appropriate and fits nicely on the Poetry Thursday template. Poem and pictures to follow.

I left about 20 poems around on campus--even slipped one into the president's suggestion box (hope that one doesn't come to back haunt me). Felt like a covert operative leaving poems and snapping photos. Guess it will take a few days for my coworkers to figure out who left the poems. But I may leave a few more around next week, just to see what happens.


This poem is user friendly.
What you see is what you get.
This poem loves to be loved.
This poem is fresh,
yet clean as a whistle.
This poem will make you sweat:
water resistant but not waterproof;
kid tested—mother approved.
In fact, four out of five dentists
recommend this poem.
This is a total body poem.
Every day this poem strives
to live its best life.
This poem won’t get voted off the island
and doesn’t want to be America’s next top model.
This poem is not a found poem
but has played one on TV.
Does this poem contradict itself?
Very well then, it contradicts itself.
What can you say about an around-the-way poem?
It brings the noise AND brings the funk.
This poem knows 40 is the new 20.
This poem IS the new black.
This poem can keep a secret.
I pity the fool who doesn’t
like this poem.
This poem lives la vida loca.
Don’t be fooled by its good girl smile,
this poem is bringing sexy back.
I have known this poem
to put a spell on readers
and spin them like a top.


Dave said…
Very funny! A good one to spread around.
Nic Sebastian said…
Cute poem and nice guerilla work!
Marilyn said…
Great poem...and, wow, you left 20 of them! That's so great!
January said…
Thanks! I'm looking forward to leaving more poems around in different spots.
Rethabile said…
The president's suggestion box is the best place anybody has left poetry. Nice, original poem.
This is excellent! I particularly like 'four out of five dentists recommend...' and 'this poem is not a found poem but has played one on tv'.

I agree with Rethabile that the suggestion box is a brilliant place to have put a copy of the poem!
GreenishLady said…
I love it! The poem and the tactics. So inspiring to read just as I set out on my subversive journey! Thanks for showing that it can be done, can be done with style and with such a sense of humour!
Kamsin said…
Cool poem! I'm sure you brought a smile to many people's faces when they saw it!
Catherine said…
You've given me some good ideas for where to leave poems- I'm still trying to pluck up courage to try it. This was a great poem to choose.

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