NaPoWriMo 17


This poem is user friendly.
What you see is what you get.
This poem loves to be loved.
This poem is fresh,
yet clean as a whistle.
This poem will make you sweat:
water resistant but not waterproof;
kid tested—mother approved.
In fact, four out of five dentists
recommend this poem.
This is a total body poem.
Every day this poem strives
to live its best life.
This poem won’t get voted off the island
and doesn’t want to be America’s next top model.
This poem is not a found poem
but has played one on TV.
Does this poem contradict itself?
Very well then, it contradicts itself.
What can you say about an around-the-way poem?
It brings the noise AND brings the funk.
This poem knows 40 is the new 20.
This poem IS the new black.
This poem can keep a secret.
I pity the fool who doesn’t
like this poem.
This poem lives la vida loca.
Don’t be fooled by its good girl smile,
this poem is bringing sexy back.
I have known this poem
to put a spell on readers
and spin them like a top.

(I borrowed lines from Walt Whitman and Lucille Clifton--I bow at their poetry alter.)


Brian said…
...and the winner is???

This poem.

Oh thank you, thank you so very much. ;)
Bug said…
i love this! so funny.
Catherine said…
I really enjoyed this one.
jim said…
Ha! I feel almost smart in picking out the Clifton and Whitman. Kind of like English Jeopardy!

Maybe Steven Jobs will want to buy the rights to your poem, too. That would be a pretty cool unveiling, though.
Anonymous said…
And.....this Poem is very good!

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