NaPoWriMo 10


My mother wore a blue suit on her wedding day.
She married my father in front of the justice of the peace.
Painfully young, they were a blank slate waiting for the world to
write their story. My mother, all of 25, living
in North Carolina. My father, newly divorced, not yet 30,
with a son he would not see again until age 30. My father,
handsome in his Marine green uniform--this I have from my mother’s stories.
No pictures record the union, no dried flowers pressed in a book,
or even a faded blue suit stored in the dark corner
of the attic. Just the two of them before a man, asking for justice,
standing before all that awaits them. When asked
why she didn’t want a church wedding, she said she didn’t want
to be given away. She wanted to go freely, leaving everything behind
only to meet this new couple, whom they would get to know
for the rest of their lives.


GreenishLady said…
I love this, especially when we come to where she didn't want to be given away, but to "go freely". Wonderful!
Brian said…
Thank you January for allowing us to be witnesses.

I hope you are feeling well today.

January said…
Thanks Brian. I am feeling a little better. The wake is Friday and funeral is Saturday so I'm preparing myself for the next few days.

Haven't been by your blog in a while but will do so soon.
January said…
Greenish Lady, thanks. I haven't been to your blog in a while either so I hope to get caught up very soon.
Kamsin said…
I love the line about not wanting to be given away, but go freely! I found the repetition of the age 30 a little bit awkward, but otherwise really love the spirit and love which comes through in this poem.
January said…
Thanks. I wrote this really late last night, so I think it needs a lot of work. Good suggestion--I'll keep that in mind during the revision.

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