NaPoWriMo 30!!!

Woo Hoo! NaPoWriMo is OVER!!! Sending out a big high-five for those who wrote 30 poems this month or gave it the old college try.

Since I did not really pay attention to the Poetry Thursday prompts, I thought I would include all of them in one poem. It's kind of a sound poem, but not really.

One thing's for sure--this poem means absolutely nothing.

Here are the prompts, in case you're keeping score:
absolve, spiral, perennial, yield, broken thread, unspoken, kneel, leather, at first blush, hollow, breathless, celluloid, bluff, plunge, pearl, hunger, glass, tick tock, root, fishing hole, ten items or less, misplaced, pluck, sheen, blaze, glimpse, improper, circle, split, spiral

Apiary Pastoral

At the bee yard,
the working girls pay
their rent in honey.
The queen pimps
them out of the hive
and like a good mama,
she keeps them from
blazing out too soon
while their biology
buzzes breathless,
completely unspoken.

These whores shop around,
10 items or less, you might say,
tasting nectar after nectar after
sweet nectar. Watch them kneel
on the heads of dandelions at first blush,
the hollow stems misplaced
by the banks of a fishing hole.
They twist and turn,
spiral and plunge,
dip and dive in a schoolgirl’s jive,
yield only to a flash of leather
from the beekeeper’s boot,
like a cop on the beat
who’s new to the street.

They absolve to resolve
the circle of hunger
in perennial bliss
by the water’s edge.
Legs glisten in pollen
with a sheen
glossier than celluloid.
But don’t be fooled,
you can’t keep good girls down
They’ll groom their bodies
into bright pearls,
itching to swarm and split,
find their own colonies,
no matter how improper.
Watch these working girls
scatter, open up shop
on the corners of the world,
The queen knows time
like a broken thread,
like the glass surrounding a clock
tick tock.

So, was April good for you, too?


Catherine said…
Wow, I'm really impressed that you managed to get all those words into one poem!
January said…
It wasn't easy, but I couldn't think of a better way to close out NaPoWriMo.
Jone said…
Amazing. High five back at you! Well done: 30 in 30.
chiefbiscuit said…
I am in awe ... absolutely flawless use of the words. You are amazing January, simply amazing.

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