NaPoWriMo 16

Proper Personals
(From the Improper Bostonian)

Creative intelligent compassionate poet seeks friend, soulmate, jack of all trades, time traveler emotionally and physically fit, average looking or better, brown eyes, facial hair O.K., heart of a lion, a vessel of creativity, who has not been smothered by full-time city life, no pets, no smokers, no scrubs, to share walks along Singing Beach, aspires to change the world one person at a time sees the beauty in diversity, invokes the names of Frost, Plath, Walker, Morrison (Jim or Toni) at least once a day in casual conversation, can watch the Blair Witch Project without experiencing motion sickness, appreciates Nirvana’s Nevermind, enjoys tennis, billiards, swing dancing, California Rolls, daily meditation, long drives, clubbing, monogamy, museums, theater, arts, poetry, politics, good conversation—a real diamond in the rough waiting to be polished. Back Bay Bostonian would like to stop and smell the roses with someone who is not afraid of thorns. Why be alone when you can have me around?


Catherine said…
Wow, three in one day! I suspect we are at the point where participants either give up or discover they are on a roll - obviously the latter for you.
January said…
Thanks Catherine. Admittedly, this poem is a found poem that I consider lame. But I'm happy with the ones from earlier today.

One lesson learned today--don't get behind on NaPoWriMo entries. Takes forever to catch up.
Leila said…
sweet. makes me wish i were all of the above... ;-)

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