Sunday Scribblings: Rooted

(Alex and Ella)

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my roots. My parents are visiting from Virginia so whenever we reconnect I think about where I came from.

I’ve always had a hard time asking my parents about family history. As far as I know, there are no family secrets—at least there are none to be ashamed of. So I can’t figure out why we stopped communicating about the past. If memory serves, I remember it always made my father sad when he talked about his parents because he missed them so much. And then he would cry, so I stopped asking.

Since I finished my first poetry manuscript, I thought it would a good idea to approach the question of history through a project. I think I’m ready to write about those family secrets, whatever they may be. So while my parents are here, I’ll start collecting anecdotes and tidbits of information so I can preserve them through poems. With any luck, my kids will have a written history to hold onto forever.


Catherine said…
January, you'll always regret it if you don't ask them while you have the chance. I was so glad for the information I got from my last surviving greataunt on my Dad's side,many years ago, and from my grandmother on my mother's side. I wouldn't have been able to trace so much family history without it. It's the connectedness of everyone that fascinates me - I love going sideways and learning about what happened to all the cousins, second cousins, third cousins etc
Jone said…
January, ask, ask ask. My parents are gone. I find there are things I want to ask them and I can't. Your babies are adorable.
Anonymous said…
Such a good idea to get the info right now. It's cool how you used the SS prompt to be a call to action. Neat.
First, your little ones are too cute! And, yes, it is for their sake that you find out as much as you can!
Family history is really interesting - I hope you enjoy finding out moreabout your roots!
Beaman said…
I believe you have the right idea. It will be something wonderful for future generations to read and cherish.
Rob Kistner said…
You are blessed to know your parents and to have the opportunity to discover your heritage.

Do not pass it up right now -- tomorrow may not present itself.

--and so it goes--
iGoddess said…
that's such a great idea! good luck. i look forward to reading some of those new poems. =)

happy sunday scribblings!
Patois said…
Definitely go for it. And perhaps it will make your father less sad to talk about his clearly wonderful parents.
paris parfait said…
That's a lovely idea and someday your children will treasure those memories. Cute photo.
Remiman said…
I think you are right on target. Similar motivation spurred me to ask all living relatives to tell me any and every thing. I've amassed quite a treasure trove for my grand children. Of course my children will reap the rewards of knowing their roots too.
funny, I don't care for my familys' past. But you have kids and sound like so far everyone is normal :), share the good stuff!

ps i love your elvis poem
January said…
Self Taught--I thought I didn't care, but kids do make all the difference.
This is why I'm doing my jelly blog--for my grandchildren, so they will know the family and the stories. It's a good thing you are doing!

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