Before and After

Finally, our family room has been updated, and it looks fabu--if I do say so myself! Here are the before and after shots.



Those big, round circles are picture frames.

Wires! Ugh. Work in progress.

This room has looked the same since we moved in eight years ago. We are inheriting a Wii, so it was time to update the 15-year old television. So it makes sense that this room would get the update. Once I made the decision to do it, I actually followed through (HA!)! DIY stuff scares me. But I had a vision in my head that I was able to turn into a reality. Picking the color alone was a nightmare, which really wasn't a nightmare. Just a choice between Cloudy Day and Sonata (read: blue and blue). The red couches made choosing a color challenging.

I was prepared to update the room alone, but fortunately I have really good friends who helped out. Special thanks to Suzie for painting with me all day Saturday, to Dawn who helped me mount the flat screen TV, and to Deb who kept telling me I can do this. Still have to buy curtains and possibly get a new entertainment center (hello Ikea), but this is a room I can be proud of. I did it!

The kids come home tonight. Can't wait to see their reaction.


Anonymous said…
Looks fantastic! But LOL at the wires. I gave in to them a few years ago. I have a big blob on the floor of my office upon which my dog likes to lay his head, which may not be a good thing.
Cindy Veach said…
Jan, it looks GREAT - move over HGTV! You're inspiring (on many levels)!
January said…
Thanks Cindy!
January said…
Thanks Cynthia. Didn't recongize the blog name but I know of your collaboration with Dana. Cool.
Anonymous said…
Wires are the bane of every home decorator! Love the color, love love love it -- looks great. Congratulations, I know the challenges of DIY -- well done!

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