Hump Day

Happy birthday, mom!


Last night I had a few poet/friends over for an informal workshop. Usually the kids are around so I don't often have workshops at home, and if I do it's after my little ones go to bed. But it was nice having the smaller group over. Heck, it was just nice entertaining adults for a change. I need to do this more often in the future.

I'm starting to workshop poems from the second manuscript and so far the feedback is good. Just what I needed to keep moving forward. I find the revision process difficult. The self editor inside me doesn't always know when to shut up and likes to question everything. What I would like to do is to write new work but I'm not very good at keeping multiple projects going at once. It's a difficult spot to be in but a good problem to have.


Testing out "Little Misery" as the title for m'script #2. Thanks for the suggestion, Dawn.


Current reads:

Major Jackson, Holding Company
Nick Flynn, Blind Huber


dylan said…
Mr Jackson's book is quite good.
January said…
Agreed. It is quite a departure from his style and voice, but I like it.

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