Monday, Monday

We survived Irene. In my area, she was all sound and fury, signifying nothing. But lives were lost and lots of property damage occurred up and down the East Coast. We were spared, thank goodness.

The weather is beautiful today, as if Irene was never here.


In preparation for the storm, I cleaned out the basement and the garage. The office will have to wait another day.


Alex and Ella start school tomorrow. Good lord, summer went by in a flash.


Getting through the weekend took a lot out of me. Short post today. Confessions tomorrow.


Kay Cooke said…
Pleased you were okay ... and now you have a clean basement to show for it! Yay! (Bear any relation to your first collection's theme of 'Under' moving on into your second?) Your talk of summer's end is mirror-image to my talk of burgeoning spring ... always fascinating this rapidly spinning planet of ours with corresponding seasons.
January said…
Thanks Kay. I was trying to explain to my kids how spring happens on the other side of the world just when we're experiencing fall.

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