Second Life

Our regular writers group was canceled Tuesday night, but a few of us opted for a smaller group at a local coffee shop. The different venue and smaller group was a nice change of pace. The trend among us seems to be giving older pieces a second life through revision. Very motivating, ladies.

The full writers group has a good male-female mix, but last night it was all ladies, which allowed for a different energy altogether. Lovely.


This morning, I read two articles that struck a chord with me. The first is by Robert Lee Brewer and his post titled, "Two Rules for Successful Writers." In it, he talks about allowing ourselves to write bad first drafts, which is essential in the creation process.

While I feel I’ve written a lot of bad drafts this summer, I haven’t completed many. I think I’m in a cycle where I know I’m writing a bad draft so I stop before it’s completed. This is new for me, something I have to get over.


The other post I enjoyed is from Zen Habits called, "Four Simple Fitness Fundamentals." The third rule is Walk Everyday. Find Rhythm. Here’s an excerpt:

Walking gives rhythm to our lives – it helps us think, re-aligns the body and limbers up the knees and hips. If you live in a city walking should be your main form of transport, I always say that if the distance is walkable do it by foot.

I miss living in DC and NYC—two of the most walkable cities—because you're forced to walk everywhere. Here in suburbia, the kids and I drive nearly everywhere. Walking is so basic; I can find a few minutes to stretch my legs every day. Finding a rhythm to the day can only help me get my writing groove back.

Actually, the fourth rule from the Zen Habits article is pretty good, too: Live an Invigorating Life.


Just signed on to read with the Painted Word Poetry Series at the University of Vermont, hosted by Major Jackson. I’m psyched to be asked. Thanks, Major. Much appreciated.

Everything is everything.


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