Confession Tuesday

You know what time it is … time to confess! A good time to confess the summertime blues away. Share a piece of yourself and we promise to do the same.

Today Alex and Ella will leave to spend a week with their dad. They’ve spent many long weekends away from home, but not this long of a stretch. I’m feeling bittersweet about the whole thing. The kids need time away from me as much as I need it from them. I hope they have fun. I just have to trust that everything will be OK.

Of course, I have trust issues.


While the kids are away, I have a slew of household projects to work on. The biggest is an update to our family room. New paint, new flat screen to be hooked up and mounted by yours truly, new rug, donated Wii—this is going to be fun. I’ve never done an update like this by myself but I’m excited to finally get it done.


Also, I’ll do a deep dive into the manuscript. The hope is to finish most of the revisions this week. I’ll spend at least two hours a night working on various sections. Yay! Finally, I’ll have the time to make some real progress.


I woke up this morning thinking about Janis Joplin's Summertime, which made me look up Jericho Brown's poem "Track 5: Summertime".

So I'll leave you with a little Joplin. Happy Tuesday, folks!


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