Shout Out to the Ladies

I wanted to spotlight three of my favorite poet moms who are doing incredible work. We are also members of the same writers group.

Jennifer Jean’s second chapbook, Fishwife, is a multimedia project published by Whale Sound Audio Chapbooks, which is run by Nic Sebastian. It can be accessed here as web-based text, audio, PDF, e-book, CD, and print edition. There's also a music component available at the site and on the CD.

Margaret Young's second book of poetry, Almond Town, is now available. Check out her Poem Flow from the Academy of American Poets.

Cindy Veach has been posting a poem a week since Jan 2010. Go visit 52 Poems Project and cheer her on!


Jennifer Jean said…
thanks for the shout out! :)
Cindy Veach said…
Thank you Jan!
January said…
My pleasure, ladies.

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