Living Color

The house is quiet without the kids, who are spending time with their dad. I’ve noticed that I feel “off” without them around. And while I think their absence is a good thing, I miss them terribly.

But I have been putting all of my energy into reworking the manuscript and revamping the family room. Working on the manuscript is much easier than picking colors. It’s amazing how many variations paint companies can come up with for beige.


Looking for a unique color to work into your writing? Grab some color swatches from your local paint store. I’ve written whole poems based on colors such as oceanic, standish blue, chai, lumen, and crantini. Admittedly, those poems will never see the light of day but it makes for a great exercise.


I’m also taking time this weekend to look at what I want to do with my writing for the last four (gulp!) months of the year. Besides the big manuscript push, what grants and fellowships should I apply for? What journals and publications do I want to target? Should I look at setting up readings and workshops for spring 2010, or spend the time pitching article ideas to publishers. And when can I start manuscript #3?

I’m feeling unfocused; hope to gain a little clarity by Sunday.


Anonymous said…
i like the glittery type silver and gold fine point markers from the arts and crafts store for art/poems
Jim K. said…
I make smudgy abstracts and
'sparse Pollocks' as thought prompts.
Thick Helvetica for un-captitalized
po. Bookman Antigua for proper punct.
..that retro look. Dabble.
January said…
Jim, I am not surprised. You are very talented. :)

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