Confession Tuesday

Happy Dog Days of Summer! Share a little of your sweaty little self with us and we promise to do the same.

A friend on Facebook posted this article on creativity. The article provides links to other articles on creativity (nothing is original today; we're a society built on links). But the article most relevant for me was from The Happiness Project, which lists 12 creativity exercises--written in 1936--by writer Dorothea Brande (a true original). Her exercises help to stretch that creative thinking through novelty and challenge. Here are a few I like:
9. Cut “I mean” or “As a matter of fact” or any other verbal mannerism out of your conversation.

11. Set yourself twelve tasks at random: e.g., go twenty miles from home using ordinary conveyance; go 12 hours without food; go eat a meal in the unlikelist place you can find; say nothing all day except in answer to questions; stay up all night and work.

12. From time to time, give yourself a day when you answer “yes” to any reasonable request.
I tried #9 yesterday, trying not to fall into my usual tricks of speech. It was certainly an interesting exercise. I have to do more of this in my writing life.

Check out the full list from PsychCenter. Hope it sparks your creativity.


Yesterday when I listed my overall August priorities (eat well/exercise, save money, focus on poetry), I left out updating the family room. Our family room is a small space that's had white walls since we moved in eight years ago. It's in desperate need of an update. So this weekend, the room will get a makeover: new paint, new carpet, and a few other extras to bring the space to life.

I have a wonderful red couch and chair in the family room. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble picking a paint color to complement the furniture. Trying to avoid yellow and the "Mcdonald's" look. Yik.


I feel more centered than I have in a long time. Summer makes me feel directionless, but I'm much better off with plans in place and a clear path ahead. I'm better able to manage bumps in the road if everything else is moving along at a smooth pace. Maybe I'm a little less fearful these days. I'm trying to make myself open and available for new possibilities. Isn't that was creativity is all about?


Diving back into the manuscript again. Revisions are slow going but moving forward. I'm considering shifting the current order and adding new poems. I'll see where I am by Sept 1 and make some decisions then. Will keep you updated on my process.


twitches said…
The right green will look wonderful with red, and not Christmas-y at all. Like this:
January said…
The room next to it, which we use as a bedroom, is green with a red comfort or. I was leaning toward blue for the walls. Trying to avoid beige or brown if at all possible. But whatever colors go up will be a nice change.

Thanks for the link.

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