Monday, Monday

I was reading Mary's blog as she writes about going to sleep in July, waking up in August, and having life miraculously fall back into place overnight. I absolutely get it, Mary. It's like the space-time continuum repairing itself while I sleep! What is it about summer that throws so many writers off?

Admittedly, I set myself to accomplish more than I did in June and July. But with the return of school for the kids by month's end and getting back to a reliable routine, all will be right with world very soon. This month, I'm making a conscious effort to focus my attention back to poetry. It's no fun writing about not writing. Kinda silly, really.


Last night, I participated in the #poetparty on Twitter and felt myself happy and relieved to be thinking about poetry in such detail. (Search for the #poetparty hashtag on Twitter to read the convo. Last night's topic: submitting and publishing poetry.)


I go back to work today after a week's vacation, so it does feel like August is the start of something.


I'm much more productive if I have a narrow focus, so my overall August priorities are really simple: eat well/exercise, save money, focus on poetry.


August Poetry To-Do List (in no particular order)

  1. Write four poems
  2. Submit to four journals/web zines
  3. Write three articles for upcoming projects
  4. Continue to revise manuscript #2
Will post manuscript progress throughout the month.


Collin Kelley said…
Thanks for taking part in the #poetparty!

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