NPS 2011

I'm sorry I'm missing NPS. Good luck to all  the participants.


National Poetry Slam (NPS)
August 9-13
Central Square, Cambridge and Boston venues

From the press release:

BOSTON, Mass. — This summer the National Poetry Slam, the biggest poetry competition in North America, is coming to Boston and Cambridge, the Boston Poetry Slam and Poetry Slam Inc. have announced. Hundreds of the country’s best performance poets will descend on the city for a week-long team tournament to crown the national champion. There will also be a variety of quirky individual competitions, writing workshops, and other special events.

Held every year, the National Poetry Slam (NPS 2011) is the Olympics of performance poetry. Teams from around the country perform their own original work in the hopes of impressing judges randomly selected from the audience. The festivities will kick off on August 9, 2011 and run daily through August 13 at a variety of venues around Cambridge. Then the top-performing teams of the week will meet for a final at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston. This will be the first time Boston has hosted the event since 1992—the third National Poetry slam ever.


Looking through the program, I was struck by these titles:

Head to Head Haiku
Slam: Harry Potter Vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Workshop: Slam as a Safe Space
Workshop: Booking Your Tour
American Sign Language Showcase
The Encyclopedia Show
Erotica Showcase

And many more bouts and freestyle opportunities. Very cool.


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