Another year, another Chuck-e-Cheese's birthday. This is the third birthday party in a row for Ella at CEC's. My daughter LOVES that mouse. Her party went off without a hitch, and Chuck-e-Cheese's makes it so easy. Can't think of a better time to go than in the middle of summer--we had the whole place to ourselves. Good time had by all (even Alex, who looks rather skeptical in the pic).

Happy birthday, baby girl.


Good lord, I'm exhausted. But I did manage to write a new poem. Woo hoo!


Olie has a poem up at Poetry Daily.


Here's a great interview with Boston Poet Laureate Sam Cornish, written by Doug Holder.


Jessie Carty's new chapbook, Fat Girl, is available for pre-order.

Lastly, Collin Kelley has a new trailer for his second novel called Remain in Light. Now this is how you make a book trailer!


Collin Kelley said…
Thanks, Jan!
Anonymous said…
Love that look on Alex's face!

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