Write Big and Write Bold or Go the Fuck Home

Looking for a good ol' fashioned ass-whoopin' to jumpstart to your writing? I found this article on Twitter (thanks Lisa). Read this from "The Secret Menu Of Writing Advice: Go Ahead And Order The 'Penmonkey Surprise.'"

Write Big and Write Bold or Go the Fuck Home

Write what you want to write. Write what you need to write. Write what engages you, what interests you, what gets your blood pumping and your jaw tight. Because what else are you going to do? Play it safe? Write what everybody else is writing just because everybody else is writing it? What’s the point? Why bring nothing new to the table? Why fail to bring yourself and your passions to the page?

And this ...

Bleed from a Place of Honesty

Cut your heart out of your chest, clutch it in your fist, and slam it down onto the paper. That is the real meaning of write what you know, which is probably better written as, write with total fucking honesty.

Take all that shit that lurks inside you, all your fears and wants and experiences, all your neuroses and psychoses and loves and loathings, all your hopes and dreams and memories, and inject 'em into your work

Nuff said. Want more? Read the full post.


LJCohen said…
:Waves from family holiday: Working on a new novel idea and I'm going to print out that post to keep it nearby.
January said…
We have to get together for coffee this fall.

Hope you're having a great holiday! You deserve it. Good luck with the new novel.
Anonymous said…
it's the "ghosts" that can keep you from writing or whatever - the ghosts of critics, parents, teachers, whatever - the ghosts in your head

it's good to be reminded that our time is limited and our life is our own

we can give our assent or not

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