New Poet Laureate: Phil Levine!

OMG, my former thesis adviser is now U.S. Poet Laureate! Outstanding!! The right poet for these times.

From The Washington Post:

“What I found was a voice within myself that I didn’t know was there,” said Levine, now 83. “A joy in my being, in creation, in the physical world that surrounded me.

“It began with a love of just the language. There was nothing that I had ever read that moved me as powerfully as some of the poetry I read. . . . Poems were something I could memorize and carry with me, and recite them in my head, and live with them.”

Congratulations, Phil!!!


odessa said…
Oh my, how exciting! I love his work!!!
Maureen said…
How enormously lucky you were.

I first heard Levine read nearly 40 years ago and immediately went out and bought his work.

Here's another lovely recollection:
January said…
I am still quite giddy over the news! Thanks for the link, Maureen.

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