BFF is not even the right way to refer to my sister. But I have known Special K, as I like to call her, since 1986 or so when we worked at the local mall back in Norfolk, VA. She got married a month before I did. Our kids are months apart in age. We have always been there for each other in sickness and health, and she's been with me through the divorce. (If you've read her blog, then you know that this past year tested the "sickness" part of that phrase. But she and her beautiful family have made it through to the other side and are thriving.)

When her kind offer came through to spend Thanksgiving with her family, along with a free plane ticket, how could I refuse? I mean, I tried refusing. I made up my mind to spend turkey day alone while the kids spend the holiday with their dad.

The picture above is from King Spa and Sauna yesterday. Never in my life have I been to a spa like this! Too surreal to properly describe, but let me just say that if you go, GET THE MASSAGE AND BODY SCRUB. It is a life-changing event. Kristi's advice to me was, "just go with it." And sure enough, I was thoroughly scrubbed in places that rarely see the light of day. Again, too surreal to properly describe, but may make a great poem.

The day before, we did a fundraising walk through downtown Dallas—my first 5K ever! And later, Kristi's husband, Jon, made the most amazing Thanksgiving meal. I would not have been a part of any of this without Kristi's generous offer.

So, while I'm thankful for many, many things this holiday season, I'm beyond-words thankful for my BFF Kristi and her family for making me forget, for a few hours, that my life is changing—and for reminding me how wonderful it can be to say YES!

I loves me some KDB!


Anonymous said…
so. jealous.


but you guys both deserve it. (the understatement of 2009)
mister jim said…
Excellent treat. Good friend.
Sometimes Thanksgiving is the best
time to look to a new year.
January said…
Thanks Carolee. Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving!
January said…
THanks Jim! I hope you had a nice holiday, too.
Jessie Carty said…
i 2nd carolee's statement :)

trying to remember which mall is in norfolk....hope to be heading that way this summer.

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