Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Thank you for stopping by and sharing a little bit of yourselves this week and every week.

Now tell me, what's going on in your life? And don't forget to visit the sinners hanging out in The Confessional.


This morning, I dropped my mini-laptop! The cord wrapped around my leg and I pulled it off my nightstand. Now, the screen is not displaying correctly. *Sadness* Guess I'll be sending it back to Lenovo so they can repair it. Damn. Damn. Damn.


Yesterday afternoon, I signed divorce papers. The divorce is far from final, but this was a big step toward ending our eight-year marriage.

It's been a tough few days, despite a really nice Halloween. And that's been a perfect description of this time: great joys tinged with deep sadness.


Dear friend Cindy gave me a card with this quote:

A woman is like a tea bag -- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.
~Eleanor Roosevelt


Still don't know why I decided to do the Poetic Asides Poem-a-Day Challenge, other than I am writing again. Maybe my most productive months for poetry are April and November so I'm going with it.

Also, I'm ready to deal with whatever may come out of the writing process. I've never used writing as catharsis but clearly this is where I'm at. Who knows what will come out of this somewhat fruitful time; I'm thankful you're coming along for the ride. Yesterday's poem is the first poem I've written in a long time that is almost in its exact form. Once I got going, the writing was automatic. It felt great.


All last week, I worked with the publisher to get Underlife ready for print. It went to print at the end of the week! I feel like I'm in labor; although, the due date is not until the end of November.


My to do list is downright scary. Too scary to deal with today.


Is living well really the best revenge? Is it better than epoxying pennies to the hood of one's car? I'm just asking.


Collin Kelley said…
PC makers really should adopt Apple's use of the magnetic break away cord. It's saved me on several occasions.

Getting read for the Atlanta Queer Lit Fest this week. Staceyann Chin, Charles Jensen, Michael Montlack, Manil many fabulous folk in town.
Jill said…
Thinking of you, Jan!

Wouldn't it be great if we lived closer and could eat out at that Italian restaurant every Friday? {sigh}

Living well is certainly all well and good, but there might be fun to be had in penny gluing...
January said…
That would be terrific! I'd love it. *big sigh*

Living well is great. But I'm not ruling out pennies on a car hood someday.
January said…
Collin, from your lips to Lenovo's ears.

Good luck wit the reading. Wish I could be there. Enjoy yourself!
Jessie Carty said…
I must confess my laptop overheats regularly now so I am afraid to use it for anything important! Back to the desktop!

i also must confess that my husband and i purchased a gift for someone and it is a bunch of obscene bandaids cause sometimes you just need a good laugh :)
Writer Bug said…
So sorry this has been a tough week for you. I think you struck on something though when you said the time is great joys tinged with sadness. Sounds like the line of a poem....

And I know I'm supposed to confess stuff on my own blog, but I'll confess here instead: Yesterday, I completely lost my temper with my dog and dragged him into his crate for a time out. I try so hard not to let anger get the best of me, but it did. I don't know how parents remain patient in the face of their wee ones on bad days.

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