PAD Challenge 9

(This is my take on Kim Addonizio's poem "Heart" from her new book Lucifer at the Starlite.)

*Made a few edits since the original post.*

First Marriage

That abandoned field.
That house in foreclosure.
That strip of highway pockmarked with potholes.
That roadside diner with gum stuck under the table.
That self-service gas station, that rest stop on the way to somewhere else.
That playground. That convenience store full of lottery tickets.
That strip mall, that Christmas shop selling happiness 365 days a year.
That emergency room. That community center.
That donut shop on every corner.
That yellow house in need of a power wash.
Those gutter pipes. That overgrown lawn.
That abandoned place that only exists in memory.
That building scorched by fire, too badly damaged to save.


Jessie Carty said…
i particularly like the image of the yellow house that needs a power wash or am i just empathizing with my greening porch... :)

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