Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving! Share a confession with us and we'll do the same. Don't forget the turkeys hanging out in The Confessional -- gobble gobble!

Have you ever read the bottom of a Kleenex box? This is what was on the bottom of mine:

Say goodbye to the stiff upper lip …

Tell calm, cool and collected to take a hike. Whoop it up! Laugh, scream, cry and holler! And when tons of stuff stuffs up your nose, blow it loud and blow it proud! Show your heart and show some tears … of joy and sorrow, in awe and pride. Just let it out!

I was reading this in tears at work Monday morning thinking about being away from the kids on Thanksgiving. The kids will be with their father on Thursday. I was planning on spending it alone. But my very bestest friend, Special K, made an offer I couldn't refuse. So on Wednesday, I'm flying standby to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with Kristi and her family.

The crying came not from leaving the kids so much as this being the first Thanksgiving not as a family. Not only does the family dynamic change with the divorce, my relationship with my in-laws changes, which is incredibly painful because Tim's family is amazing.

So, for me, this Thanksgiving is about acceptance. It's about letting go of old traditions and starting new ones. I'm giving thanks to the people in my life who support me and love me no matter what. I'm just letting it all out.

Kristi mentioned something about a 5K road race on Thanksgiving morning. That's just craziness. Unless there are mimosas on hand, I won't even consider it!


Thanks for bearing with me through the PAD Challenge. Ugh. Hate that I'm behind because now I'm thinking about catching up instead of planning my next draft. But hey, I'm going to have significant time on the airplane to catch up. Wonder how many airplane poems I can write on a five-hour flight?

Will pick up the Misery long poem while I'm away.


My mini to-do list

1. Catch up on PAD Poems
2. B&C and RWP articles
3. Video project--yeah, I have to deal with this project soon
4. Work on new Web site
5. Work out party details


As of this writing, the ship date of Underlife is December 7. I'll confirm that next week. Keep your fingers crossed that maybe the book will ship early!!


mister jim said…
Sorry to hear the kids won't
be there, but enjoy the visit.
Almost anywhere TG is a good thing.
Well, except restaurant buffets...
those really don't do it.
Have a good one, and a good break
before all the buzz, right?
Jessie Carty said…
i'm thinking you can pull off 3-5 drafts on the plane. i'm wondering if i can dictate any to myself while driving? hmmmm

have a great visit with your friend!
Anonymous said…
hang in there. i'm so glad you're going on a trip for yourself, though. what a great idea!
Collin Kelley said…
Glad you made plans for yourself. That's important. This is a good year to shake up traditions. Have fun while you're there.

Confession: I fell of the peanut butter wagon. After nearly two months of not tasting a bite, I gave in. Sigh.
Collin Kelley said…
off.. that is.
Thinking Aloud said…
Give thanks and enjoy the time away!

P.S. I wish that I could say the same about my inlaws.

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