Friday, November 13, 2009

PAD Challenge 11

How to Love

After stepping into the world again,
there is that question of how to love,
how to bundle yourself against the frosted morning—
the crunch of icy grass underfoot, the scrape
of cold wipers along the windshield
and take what the day brings.
What song to sing down an empty road
as you trudge out on your morning commute?
And is there enough in you to see, really see,
the three wild turkeys crossing the street
with their featherless heads and stilt-like legs
in search of a morning meal? Nothing to do
but hunker down, wait for them to waddle away.
They walk slowly, as if they want to be startled
back into this world. Maybe you do, too,
waiting for all this to give way to love itself,
to look into the eyes of another and feel something,
anything, to see them safely cross despite
your idling car groaning its displeasure
in the early dawn.


bostonerin said...

lovely. (and great picture!)

Jessie Carty said...

i think i would freak out, at least a little, if i saw wild turkeys walking down my street :)

caroleesherwood said...

turkeys around here are surprised to see cars. :)

january, i love the opening of this:

After stepping into the world again,
there is that question of how to love,

wow! keeper!

Writer Bug said...

This gave me chills. Like Carolee,I love the opening. And the closing is so strong as well. (And I see turkeys on my commute from time to time as well!)

January said...

Thanks ladies. That's the first time I've seen turkeys on my street.

Too much nature for me!


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