Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks! Time to confess. Share a piece of yourself with us and I promise to do the same. Don't forget to say hello serving their time in The Confessional.

Lately, I've been feeling drained. What is it about this time of year that makes me want to hibernate? Just can't seem to check things off my to-do list or get enough sleep. After careful consideration and much market research (not really), I decided to take a drastic step ...

Drum roll, please ... To get caught up on all of my projects, *I have decided to not watch television this week.*

Anyone who knows me knows how much I *love* TV! But I'm mired in projects and commitments and not making much progress. Thought it was time to cut out the idiot box to see if it helps my productivity and improves my sleep habits.


So far, not helpful. I stayed awake way too long last night writing this post.


On Sunday, while walking back from the park, Ella tripped on the sidewalk and fell flat on her face. Ugh. She has the biggest fat lip I've ever seen. More than 24 hours later, the swelling seems to be going down but she looks as if she's been in a ring for a few rounds. Poor baby!


Starting my holiday shopping this week. Fortunately, I don't have to buy presents for anyone who's been naughty this year. You know who you are.


The PAD Challenge is kicking my a$$. I absolutely hate being a poem behind. And I've already used up the extra poem I wrote just in case I got behind so I'm officially in sad, sad shape.

I do like that I'm writing, however. The subjects are linked so I can put the poems together as a chapbook, or part of a larger piece. I'll take a look at everything in December to weed through 30 days of poems.


I've put the Misery Islands long poem on the back burner, but only temporarily. I need a solid block of time to work on it. The weekend looks like my next best shot at completion.


Reading Kim Addonizio's Lucifer at the Starlite and Jericho Brown's Please.


Last five songs played in rotation on iPhone:

1. Obsessed remix, Mariah Carey

2. Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

3. I'm on a Boat, Incredibad (so wrong yet so funny)

4. Sexual Chocolate, Hot Chip

5. Ol' Skool Company, Prince


Twitter: I get it now. @januaryoneil


Jessie Carty said…
your iPhone list is too funny!
hope the girl is feeling better :( no fun falling on your face! i trip all the time!!

i'm also letting my poem a day poems sit until decemer or later. i still have too many projects going on but feel like launching more.

i, however, am not sure i could give up tv...although i didn't watch last night...
J.D. said…
How odd. I decided not to watch tv this week, too. It's working o.k. for me, writing a little more, reading a lot more.
January said…
Great minds, J.D. Great minds.


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