PAD Challenge 13


Early morning,
the wind and rain clap their hands
in thunderous applause.
Droplets smash all around the house,
and for a moment, it’s as if
I’m being praised for something I did.
I think, “so much applause, I must
have done something brilliant or right.
Keep those joyous explosions coming.”

The rain is continuous, relentless
in its encores and ovations.
Certainly, making a poem
out of water is reason to cheer.
“Congratulations,” says the rain,
“because you are here,
a little damp, but still standing.”


Jessie Carty said…
the idea of praise from the rain could be quite funny to write about..i'd like to see that expanded!
Niqui said…
Praise from the rain... thats a very interesting idea. I think that could be very cool to see expanded on. Good job.

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