Tae Kwondo

This is one of those proud mommy days I'm privileged to have. Yesterday I watched my Alex become a yellow belt in Tae Kwondo! He was awesome. Not sure who was more nervous ... yes I am--I was!

Lately I've been running late or behind trying to fit as much as I can. Didn't read on the registration form that testing began at 10 a.m. We arrived at 10:30 a.m. Fortunately, it worked in our favor. Also fortuitous was Ella's sudden urge to take a nap. While she missed seeing her brother break a board with his hand, she got a little rest after a restless night.

Photos are from my iPhone (forgot to bring my camera).

Also reposting "The Illusion of Flight" from a few days ago. (tabs are not showing up in Blogger)

The Illusion of Flight

When he enters the studio
he is a young master in training,
leaving behind his Star Wars
and superhero characters
for something more heroic.
He bows,
cinches the white belt around his waist
and begins the way of the foot and fist:
a rapid fire of front kicks and back kicks,
side kicks and roundhouse kicks,
punching with the skill of a warrior,
almost mystical in his concentration.
Watch his body glide his open-hand strikes,
giving him the illusion of flight—
this man cub,
expressionless in his execution
but happy in an existence
far away from here.


Heidi G said…
Alex's keen attention to concentrate at such a young age developing his inner discipline are indications he knows who and how he wants to shape himself as a boy. You have much to be proud of and it's terrific he is finding his way through this space.

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