You Can Go Home Again

I'm back in Boston, baby! Spending time at Starbucks—my home away from home.


The PAD Challenge is mercifully coming to a close. I now have 21 drafts, including the Misery Island long poem, which I have not posted (and probably won't). Wish I could have written 30, but I'm OK with the amount I produced. In truth, it was crazy for me to attempt a writing challenge now, but maybe a healty dose of crazy was what I needed.

Three poems I liked, in no particular order.

One poem that will never see the light of day again.

So the big question for me involves the revision process. More important, do I incorporate the new stuff into my current manuscript, or start a new one? I need to set a new timetable for this. It's easy if you're trying to incorporate one new poem into a collection, but I have at least 14, including a long poem, that would certainly give the book an arc. Either way, I'll take December to do as much revision as possible, and see what manuscript #2 looks like at the end of 2009.


Here's a question to you, dear reader. What is your strategy for putting together a collection? I lived with the poems in Underlife for a while before theybecame a manuscript. What approach should I take with a second book? Thoughts?


evelyn.n.alfred said…
Wow, I should have spent my time doing this PAD challenge instead of the NaNoWriMo challenge...sounds more productive.
Anyway with that said, I've never put a collection together, so I wouldn't know how to begin to advise you on what you should about grouping them using common themes? Or poetry forms if you did a group of poetry that are structured (like sonnets in one group, free verse in another, etc.)
Good luck with it, I know you will figure it out.
Cioara Andrei said…
Foarte interesant subiectul postat de tine. M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazut.Cu siguranta am sa il mai vizitez.
O zi buna!
January said…
Cioara, I'm not sure what you've said here. But thanks for stopping by.
January said…
Cioara, I just found the Romanian translation for your words. Thank you very much.
January said…
Thanks Evelyn. NaPoWriMo is not for me but I think the output is the same. Both give the opportunity to write more in a specific period of time. It's a good jumpstart for any writing project.

I'm looking over my manuscript today to see what it needs. Grouping by category may be the way to go.

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