PAD Challenge 16

At Fault

Let every fallen leaf become a wish.
Let them swirl and overtake the yard
in a crosswind of grief as you begin
the process of letting go. Nothing left to do
but renounce the love. Feel a great wind
move though you as it attempts to appease the soul,
which feels at fault, even through no fault of its own.
Let it sit beside you on the front porch,
drape its small arm around you like that of a child’s—
maybe you’ll find some clarity in that, some peace
in the unexplainable. Maybe the best thing
is to just sit there, wait for the blood to drain back
into your body. No rush to go back into the house
and pick up where your life has left off.


非凡 said…
I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^
Jessie Carty said…
love "wait for the blood to drain back into your body." terrific reversal :)
Anonymous said…
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Kitty said…
great work. i liked it - very visual for me. thanks,kitty
Catherine said…
I love the idea of the wind draping its small arm around you
Writer Bug said…
Huge congrats on your grant!! So exciting! And thanks for posting the fiction application info. I just might do it...

And thanks also for sharing all these poems with us. It's so refreshing to see poems in their early stages.
January said…
Thanks for bearing with me through all of these drafts! I appreciate it.

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