PAD Challenge 15

(Need a title.)

The Finest Worksong

She thinks about the young man
making hot chocolate for her
at the coffee shop as he does
every week when she craves
the impersonal sexiness of flirting.
His jet black hair dangles
into his green eyes
while he crafts her drink,
always ready before
she reaches the register.
He smiles, asks how her day is,
and while she knows
it’s his job to whip cream
into a complete and utter frenzy,
she listens intently to talk of football
or crankshafts or whatever crosses
his beautiful, vapid mind
because the surge of neurons
firing in her brain, down the arms,
through the fingertips to accept
that hot cup of wonderful
is enough to lift the wick
of a woman in need of a spark.


Tim said…
"A Hot Hot Cup Of..."
Anonymous said…
this is nice! one of my very close poetry pals (who shall remain nameless but whose name may -- or may not be -- part of a famous nursery rhyme "jack and _____") has a thing for coffee shop guys. off to tell her there's a quick fix over here for her!
January said…
Oh, Carolee--thanks! In truth, I'm hiding the true description of my coffee shop guy on the rare change he might read this. Ugh. He is a cutie (but not vapid).
January said…
Tim, I have your hot coffee right here! *smile*

(I hope this is Tim Gager and not another Tim I know.)
Jessie Carty said…
I really enjoyed that one!
Hot Cup might not be a bad idea for a title :)

or "Caution, Contents May be Hot" hahaha sorry, couldn't resist!
Jill said…
" lift the wick/ of a woman in need of a spark" is such a great line!

And Carolee, I know the poet you're talking about. I can not believe her!
Writer Bug said…
sexy! I like it.

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