Good Night, Irene!

My reading tonight at the Soup and Song coffeehouse on Block Island, RI, has been postponed until September 9. Something about rain and heavy winds off the coast ...


We will batten down the hatches today and tomorrow in anticipation of Hurricane Irene. I'm a little worried about my parents, who seem to be in path in Norfolk, VA. They are equally as worried about the kids and me living just off the coast of Cape Ann. I have a few big trees around the house, so any big storm with high winds makes me nervous. The hurricane is supposed to stomp on Connecticut first, then make its way through Western Mass. Maybe the damage won't be as bad as anticipated.


Since I now have a the day off from work, we are headed to the beach--3/4 of a mile from our house. It will be 80 degrees and sunny today.


Because I do have the day off, and presumably a low-key weekend thanks to the weather, I'm psyched to have a few days to spend a little more time with the kids, see friends, work on manuscript revisions, and clean house.

More to come.


Maureen said…
Stay safe! This hurricane is huge. The more recent image I saw shows its path closer to D.C., along the I-95 corridor. The winds are supposed to be especially strong. We had heavy downpours yesterday and the skies are cloudy now (here in Arlington, Va.). Hoping for no aftershocks when the storm arrives.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous day today! I can't remember when I last needed to worry about a hurricane out here in the wilds of W. Mass! May the storm grant us all lovely poetry downtime without causing great harm or loss of life. xo
Hope you & the kids and your parents are all okay January. Stay safe.
grunting monkey said…
block island was where william stringfellow harbored daniel berrigan during his "underground" phase until the fbi caught up with him at stringfellow's house

one of berrigan's best books of poetry is titled "block island" , written during his sojourn there

i think you'll be fine w/ the hurricane - i was in gloucester during the "perfect storm" and remained unscathed
January said…
Glad the hurricane has moved through the area. While many places like Western Mass to the brunt of the storm, we were spared.

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